Artists Statement

I am interested in how we now respond to and deal with the history, function and demise of architecture, public art and public space primarily in Scottish New Towns.

Recent art works began as an objective critique of the modernist new town of Cumbernauld, often focusing on the deliberate and unintentional that I found in this style of town planning. I soon realized that Cumbernauld is no longer ‘new’ or ‘modern’. What is now of interest to me is how the community of Cumbernauld are influenced and directed by this ‘utopian dream’. The history between 1957-2010 is still so rich and hungry to be discovered. The freedom of architecture, planning and development of Scotland are all of great interest to me.

My current art practice is about recognizing and highlighting today’s fallow spaces. I try to use the actual physical building/structure/sculpture as a tool open up stimulating and thought provoking discussions on architecture, modernism and function. I try to introduce a critical discourse and creativity through contemporary art.

With reference to local history, plans, architecture, photographs, models and drawings I find myself in the role of artist, curator and facilitator. My aim is to archive, display, re-install and re-contextualise destroyed, hypothetical and forgotten about pieces of public space, buildings and public/private art works.


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